At Tidmouth Shed Apartment, Thomas and his friends woke up and dress and went downstairs to have breakfast.

Meanwhile after they finish their breakfast, they decided to take a walk and get fresh air, but Thomas and Emily stayed behind.

Thomas is picking up dirt dishes and Emily wash the dishes and dry them.

They both didn't say another word but they smiled.

Emily: Is sure is a beautiful day, Thomas.

Thomas: It is Emily, the sun is bright and the clouds are clear.

Emily: Thomas?

Thomas: Yes Emily?

Emily: There's something I need to tell you.

Thomas: Yes?

Emily: Thomas, I love you.

Thomas: I love you too, Emily.

They came close each others.

Emily: You're the nicest boy I ever met.

Thomas: And you're beautiful girl I ever seen.

They close their eyes and their lips about to touch them. Than Percy came in the door.

Percy: Hi guys.

Thomas and Emily were starter by Percy.

Percy: Sorry I starter you. Come on and get some fresh air.

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