About Me ^_^


I am a random kid that loves writing. 8D.

I am a huge Yugioh fan. When I say huge, I mean, I have 5 posters, 2 plushies and over 700 cards. I'm soon going to get 3 more plushies, and quite possibly a pillow.

Anyways, I am not on here often, but I try to get on, if I even remember I'm part of this. Ehehehe...

Stories I wrote:

I wrote these stories:

My apologies!

Alright, Im going to flat out say this;

I forgot this site exsisted.

I felt like working on Lilly's Flower, but I couldn't find it in my files, and then I remember I don't have it saved.

So, I have a plan. I'm going to do a complete grammar/spelling overhaul on Lilly's Flower before I get to the next few bits. All I have to do is (partially think of) and type the pre-fight and fight scene. The rest I'll do from there.

Again, sorry.

On another note, I might put up a few pics of Lilly, Mina, Josh, Mays and all those guys on my deviantART account when I can ever get a picture done, which is here; stardustrosedragon.deviantart.com

See ya!

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