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I am the real Sir Handel but you can just call me by my username.

Bio: I was on Granpuff's railway and liked working there with Stuart.

We would call Duke "Granpuff" and made fun of him until we heard about Smudger and how he turned into a generator.

So after that we lived together peacefully for a lot of years until the line closed down and Me and Stuart were bought to the Skarloey Railway and there I had a lot of adventures.

Chatango: Yes I am on Chatango listed as SirHandelFalcon come chat to me if you want.

Wooden Railway System: The wooden railway system 1992-2002 I personally liked because the designs were better than now and had cheerful exprestions on their faces but now they are not so cheerful and the box art was awsome in 1994-2000.

Ertl: Ertl is my favorite Thomas the tank engine and friends toy company but unfortunetly it got replaced by take along then take n play. WANTED LIST(If you see these on a toy website or like ebay let me know because I am after these): Limited edition 1999 Sir Handel, Lord Harry, and Duke.

Brio: Brio was good for a while until it got discontiued so Wanted list is: Brio Sir Handel, Brio Peter Sam

Top 3 Favorite Engines

3. Mike

2. Thomas

1. Sir Handel (obiosly)

Talk Page

You can talk to me on my talk page just sign your username on it.

Top 5 Favorite Seasons

5. Season 6

4. Season 2

3. Season 3

2. Season 1

1. Season 4

Top 3 Favorite Songs

3. It's Great To Be An Engine 2002

2. Intro music seasons 1-6

1. Never Never Never Give Up 2002 (can not stop playing it it is so awsome!)

Top Favorite Specials

6. The Great Discovery

5. Hero of the Rails

4. Misty Island Rescue

3. Day of the Diesels (According to the info it sounds good)

2. Calling All Engines

1. Thomas & the Magic Railroad (Why was it a faliure???)

Least Favorite Engines

3. In Prodgress

2. The Pack (Pointless characters)

1. George (Dumb Steamroller It WAS his fault)

Favorite Britt Alcroft Characters


2. Harvey

1. Salty

My Wikis





Favorite Episodes

3. Home at last

2. You Can't Win!

1. Bulldog

Favorite TV Models

1. Sir Handel (Season 4 model)

2. Thomas (Seasons 1-6 models)

3. Skarloey (Season 4 model)

Favorite Narrators

1. George Carlin (The BEST of them all)

2. Alec Baldwin (Pretty good)

3. Ringo Starr (Very Good)


This is my list of friends they are listed in chronological order, NOT by favorites.




Other Interests I have

Pokemon (AWESOME!!!)

Super Mario Bros (I like the games and TV show!)

The Legend of Zelda (I kinda like it...)

Kirby (Pretty good)

Super Smash Bros (AWSOME!!!)

Donkey Kong (I play the first one)

Sonic the Hedgehog

More About Me

My birthday is on December 21. I am not revealing the year & I would prefer you to respect my privacy of info.

And yes I am a ♂(Male). And I am also American

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