later that night iat the sheds it was new years eve.

toby. wow I'm glad that I was not takein away.

thomas. yeah I don't know what I would do forever without you toby AKA my friend.

meanwhile at knapford yards.

diesel 1. great let's start the attack so we may invad the railway known as sodor.

diesel 2. wow you don't know this is sodor.

mellard pulled up.

tram 1. oh hey look at a new member.

and so disel 1 and 2 plus tram 1 with the assistents of mellard were off.


alfrid and judy  were getting scraped for there bad behaver.

judy. oh why oh why why did this have to happen to us we need light can't breath.

alfrid. no n no not judy why why why why did she die well now that I say it right now it seems I have a crush on her or, do I I don't know.


diesel oild up to gordon.

godon. go away diesel. what do you want.

diese;. wewll look at the flying scottsman.

flying scottsman. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

later that night.

everyone at the sheds. hi big city engine.

big city. wow it's great.

gordon. wow may you sit next to me and duck please please oh please..

big city. oj if you insist.

end of part 4.

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