at a subway.

diesel 1(from sodor.) well sir tophamhat I need to know somthing and that thing is well 1 why did you send me to the works and 2 why are we at a subway.

sirtophamhat. well those are good question well 1 you were sent to the works because you needed to get new subway wheels and 2. you're here because well I'm getting new engines.

sir tophammhat. hey uh well where are you sir caprid.

creeken. oh hi sir uh what's your name uh don't need to tell me your guy that you need.

sir caprid came out of his couch.

sir caprid. oh sir top hat well let's chat.


sir caprid. well uh  it's setteld you can take him right now.

sir tophamhat. well we have a new track just for subway engines so he will run on it so yeah it runs from knapford to marron.

sir caprid. well ok.(talking to  zroom zoom. now) well it looks like your leaveing to go on to sodor.

so he was off.

zoom zoom. wow I can't belive that I'm going to sodor.

later on the sheds.

timothy. well I'm sad because about the big city engine and the flying scottsman left.

sir tophamhat well that's why I bought this.

toby. wow he's amazing. wait what's that spaical looking shed over besides me.

sir tophamhat. oh that's his shed.

everyone whisteld with joy.

end of part 5

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