Narrator. Toby used to work on a railway with his 6 brothers. he was the last one to be built. now on sodor, he works on Thomas's branchline. one day toby said that he would never ever leave Thomas's branchline. that could one day change. one day on the island of sodor,

Thomas. shunt my coaches percy, I don't want to be late

Percy. I don't have time to do it right now! just relax.

Thomas. I cant calm down because its Christmas eve! and my train has to be at the station at exactly 7 o'clock.

Toby. will you guys stop fighting! its Christmas eve

Narrator. sir tophamhat came up

Sir tophamhat. will you stop your arguing, I have a big announcement

Toby. what is it?

Sir tophamhat. the flying scottsman, the big city engine, and a tram engine are coming over here.

Thomas. are any staying here?

Sir tophamhat. well there is one who will be staying not permanently, but will not leave on Christmas

Toby. who is he?

Narrator. the tram engine came up and toby ran away

Thomas. i'll go check on him

Narrator. so Thomas was off. later,

Thomas. whats wrong toby, you look sad

Toby. well its just that, its just that that engine he, he frightens me.\

Thomas. well why toby?

Toby. well hes my brother and we didn't get along well, he wanted to scrap me ever since I left

Thomas. oh toby, I never knew you actually wanted to come to sodor to get rid of your brother.

toby. ohh I did, I really wanted to get rid of him, but now hes here and I cant do anything about it.

Sir tophamhat. well toby we have some news for you.

toby. well what is it?

sir tophamhat. well its that we are taking away the line that you run on Thomas's branchline so it looks like you going home.

toby. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

tram 1. hee hee hee (whispering evil voice) looks like my work here is done.

end of part 1

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