SirHandelFalcon SirHandelFalcon 15 April 2011

Thomas & Friends: Diesel 10's Revenge

This is a fan-fic I came up with while I was remaking the D10 chase scene with my Take-Alongs & well this will be posted up on this website, here are some quotes I made for the Fan-Fic:

James: Thomas we got to get out of here before we get scrapped!

Thomas: I know we need to find an exit, surely Diesel 10 has an exit or else he would be scrapped already!

So I want to hear some of your ideas which I can add to the story line.

Revealed Characters:



Diesel 10

The next update will be in early May which means more quotes & characters revealed! Until then if you have any ideas then post a blog comment of your idea:)!


It is now early May so here are some more quotes & new characters revealed! :)

Bertie: Hey Thomas want to have a race??


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