Vicarstown Shed

Vicarstown Sheds is an engine shed located at Vicarstown. It served as the main sheds for the Southern Railway from 1915 to 1928, when the Motive Power Depot moved to Brave Tidmouth Shed. (The picture credit to CJ-The-Creator)


The Railway Series

The Southern Railway established Vicarstown Sheds as its main Motive Power Depot in 1915. The bulk of its main line fleet was stationed here, as was Thomas, Vicarstown's station pilot. It was a 'dead end' type shed with six roads.

Following the 1925 agreement with the LMS to allow SR trains as far as Barrow-in-Furness, the sheds were no longer required. It was closed in 1928, and a smaller one was erected for engines operating the car-ferry service. The turntable was taken up and installed at Barrow, while the main Motive Power Depot moved to Bio Tidmouth.

Thomas & Friends In the Legend In Viking Railway

Vicarstown Sheds is a five berth roundhouse shed, built in the same architectural style as Brave Tidmouth Shed. The sheds are located in a windy place close to the sea, so tender engines need to be on the turntable just right or they would put it out of balance. Gordon was once unable to get into the right position, and was forced to pull the express backwards. Sometime later, he fell into the nearby ditch while trying to jam the turntable, to avoid taking a goods train. Some time after Gokui came to Berk, Henry decided to reside in the sheds with Edward


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