Vulcan formerly known as Diesel 782 (D782), nicknamed "Old Stuck-Up" by James was a diesel engine who works on British Railways until once visited the North Western Railway.


The Railway Series

Vulcan first met BoCo when the Class 28s start their first day operating on the mainland and the two of them became friends. He came up with a name for the Class 28, whose only known by his number D5702, to which the Class 28 didn't like the name "CoBo" as it sounded awkward. Vulcan agreed and decided on "BoCo", which the Class 28 liked. Vulcan them expressed a common dislike for steam engines, calling them "filthy objects" as one passed him.

While BoCo saw him as a friend. In reality, Vulcan only befriended the Metrovick with the belief he'd be a pure engine to the line and nothing else. After BoCo's engine overheated, Vulcan rescued him and commented on how embarrassing it would be to overheat constantly.

After BoCo's brother, D5703 was scrapped after his engine got destroyed, he greeted Vulcan in Barrow-in-Furness trying to feel better. However, Vulcan, revealing his feelings, coldly stated that he found the Class 28s to be a laughingstock, wanted nothing to do with them and cut off ties with the heartbroken Metrovick. And with that, he departed while BoCo furiously insults him before interrupted by one of his siblings Vicker.


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