This is story 7/8 for Branch Line Problems

Sometimes you feel so angry that you forget about manners and start to yell or curse. Maybe you might want to make a point of something or tell someone to do something else in your own words. Even if you mean it in a nice way, its more likely to be taken as a mean thing to say. This occured on Thomas' Branch Line just yesterday. It started out as a normal cold autum day on sodor. Leaves were falling off trees, and this was the last month of lumber trains before it began to snow. Percy and Toby were both at Ffarqur when Sir Topham Hatt arrived.

Sir Topham Hatt: "I have two jobs; one for you Toby and one for Percy. Toby, your job is to go to the lumber yard, then deliver all of the lumber to Famer McColl's Farm. Percy, you have to deliver firewood to all the stations on this branch line."

Then Sir Topham Hatt left.

Percy: " See you later Toby."

Toby: "Bye Percy."

At the lumber yard, a issue had arosed. Paxton and Norman were both there, and they were cross that Sir Topham Hatt had Toby working with them.

Paxton: "Great, just great. We haven't caused any trouble and Sir Topham Hatt just gives us Toby to work with instead of Sidney."

Norman: "Yeah, and steamies stink badly too."

Paxton: "Yeah."

Toby: "Let's get to work and not mess about. That way, the job is completed."

Soon, their flatbeds were loaded with lumber, but Norman was still ticked off, so he told Toby something.

Norman: "If you want to work so hard, then go somewhere else and work there instead. Don't come crying to us when your in danger like scrapping!"

Toby left the lumber yard feeling hurt, it was true that he was a hard worker, all he wanted to do was show everyone that he is wise, but also fun too. When Toby was finished, he just puffed back to his home. On the way home, Percy stopped him.

Percy: "Toby, Toby! Norman has broken down again, but his job isn't finished. Will you do his job for him? I have to take a passenger train in a few minutes. That's why I'm asking you."

Toby: "I will finish Norman's job for him."

Percy: "Thank you Toby."

Toby finished both Paxton and Norman's jobs and got them done just in time. That evening, Sir Topham Hatt came to see him.

Sir Topham Hatt: "Well done Toby! Today you have shown that you are a really useful engine. Norman is sorry for telling you about going somewhere else and not coming back. All he meant was that he didn't want you to work there with them, but if that quote hurts you, he's sorry if it does."

And Toby could only feel better that the quote was just his way of saying that he didn't want him working with them. As he went to sleep, he dreamnt of feeling happy and that's why you should watch what you say.

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