What's in the Name? is the nineteenth episodes of the sixth series.

Plot Summary

“Don't worry about what happened today, D199,” said Sir Topham Hatt in the Sheds that night to see Spamcan. “You are not to blame for the accident. So you shall continue your work here.” “Thank you, Sir,” said Spamcan, and Sir Topham Hatt drove away for Sodor Café. No sooner had he left and Donald and Douglas began to make jokes about fish oil, and fishiness and other trite subjects. “Perhaps you should take up a career as a skater with how much you slipped a bit today,” quizzed Donald. “Certainly would be more fitting than being a filthy goods diesel,” added Douglas. Just then, Spamcan looked, right next to him was a blue tender engine when he came into his berth. “That must be Edward,” he said. “Must be,” said Gordon. Edward looked at the Blue diesel when he remembered that he saw who was pulled by Henry. He'd never seen him again before. “You're not our friend, are you?” he said. “Don't be silly,” said Spamcan. “I will try to show respect to everyone of you. Too bad I wasn't a long time ago.” Henry glanced over at Spamcan. “Never mind,” he comforted. “They'll get tired of it soon.” “Easy for you to say,” said Spamcan. “They still haven't gotten tired of being insulted by the signalman by calling Spamcan.” “But I thought it was really funny when you first arrived,” replied Henry. “It's in my name,” retorted Spamcan, sounding rather upset. Henry stayed silent as Spamcan sadly backed into his berth to the sound of Scottish fish jokes.

Although the summer season was difficult for many Engines of the Main Line. Donald and Douglas were finding it a bit more tolerable than the others. Due to their status as utility engines, the twins found that they often had a lot of time between jobs to rest and wait for their next train to arrive. Often times, they would see other engines pass by as they rested, and would share a quick chat before chat before they had to leave.

That morning as Henry and Edward went into the yard. Henry was ready to collect his Express coaches, and so was Edward to Aurora, Ariel and Anna for their morning trains. Both engines caught sight of the twins, waiting outside. “I hope you two enjoyed mokery of Spamcan last night,” remarked Henry. “And today, you're going to apologize to him,” chuffed Edward. “What do you two think you plan up?” replied Donald crossly. “After how that Spamcan treated us when he first came here.” “Aye,” added Douglas. “A diesel's a muckle nuisance, nothing more. We didn't have to apologize to him.” “Say what you will,” continued Henry. “but it's clear Spamcan doesn't enjoy all the jokes you two made about him last night.” “That accident wasn't his fault,” Edward continued to tell the twins too. “I've heard it all. You two know it.” “And we also know that he doesn't care for any of us. So why should we care about him?” retorted Douglas questionably. “Because no engine deserves to treated that harshly,” said Edward firmly. “Spamcan hasn't even treated any of us poorly since he arrived,” retorted Henry. “So your behavior towards him has been unwanted.” “If you two treated him kindly,” continued Edward. “then perhaps he wouldn't find anything to dislike in us.” The twins quivered. “Sir Topham Hatt will make you feel awkward if you two don't apologize, do it now!” finished Henry and Edward as they puffed away to their coaches. “Should we do as they say, Dougie?” asked Donald. “You know I think we shouldn't be,” replied Douglas. “But you know I mean, if we didn't do that, Mr. Hatt will tell us off and we'll get into trouble.” “Besides,” added Donald, not feeling frown anymore. “if we'd be nice to him, and he isn't even nice to us so often. Then Mr. Hatt'll send him packing.” Douglas liked the sound of this. “Let's do it,” he smiled.

Later that day, Spamcan was at Wellsworth where Edward introduced him to Aurora, Ariel and Anna his coaches while they dropped off the passengers. It just in time for Edward and his coaches to leave. They said goodbye to Spamcan. Spamcan thought it was really nice to meet them. Sure enough, he waited for some cars for his slow freight. As he waited, Donald and Douglas arrived with Judy and Jerome's works coach to repair the siding. “Afternoon, Spamcan,” greeted Donald. Spamcan's face fell at this. “Hello, Caledonian pals,” he said weekly. “Just call us Donald and Douglas.” “Or Donnie and Dougie,” Both twins said. Donald felt offended. But Douglas reminded him about their nicknames. Then he spoke to Spamcan. “Donald and I just wanted to say that we're sorry for playing jokes on you last night,” said Douglas in a rather empty tone. “and we promise not to be cross for the rest of the life time here.” “Oh well, I-uh, thank you, Donald and Douglas. That's quite nice of you,” replied Spamcan, somewhat surprised. “But...” “But what?” asked Douglas. Spamcan hesitated. “It's nothing a steamer like you would understand.” “What do you mean that?” Donald burst out. “For your information, Spammy, we steamers happen to be great understanding problems.” Before he continued, Spamcan spoke up after he took a deep breath. “Hold on a minute, can you handle the problem you created?” “We don't know what you're talking about,” replied Donald. “It's my name the signalman gave me,” said Spamcan frustratingly. “ever since my rotten moment with a tin opener to a spam can. That's become the only thing I've been known for. All because that mean ol'signalman decided to give me a silly name when he rushed out of the box. It's hard to think very highly of yourselves when you name reminds you guys of the lowest point of your life.” Just then, BoCo arrived with Spamcan's train.

Without another word, the freight diesel shunted them to the back of his train and set off for Vicarstown. “I hope that Spamcan didn't give you two any trouble,” said BoCo. The twins didn't reply. They now felt sorry for the Diesel.

That night, Donald and Douglas were tasked the midnight goods train to the Mainland.

Soon, they picked up their returned train and were heading back to the Harbor.

When they arrived, Spamcan came to collect the Flying Kipper after they were shunting away the cars. “D199,” whispered Douglas. “we're truly sorry for calling you silly nickname.” “Aye,” added Donald. “we didn't know how much the name would bother you. We promise that from now on. We'll call you whatever you want.” Spamcan was surprised at this. “Well I, thank you, steamers. That's quite alright with you. But I must say I'm surprised you two of all engines would apologize to an engine like me.” “Aye,” replied Donald. “and didn't I think what are your friends are anything, especially since you didn't seem to like us. But we knew what is like not to have a name you're proud of.” “We used to just have numbers instead of names, and our manager didn't let us give ourselves names,” said Douglas. “It just felt so degrading to just be clled a number instead of a proper name. We could fix this problem.” “How so?” asked Spamcan intrigued. Douglas explained that he and Donald desided to give themselves their own name when they came to Sodor. “Perhaps you should give yourself a name you like.” Spamcan perked up. “Really? Give myself a name?” “Aye,” smiled Donald. “now come on. What would you like a new name to be?” Spamcan thought for a moment. “Afraid, I'm not sure,” he admitted. “never really gave it much thought before.” Then Donald decided. “How about Ted?” “Not bad I guess,” replied Spamcan. “a bit too posh though.” “Anthony?” chimed in Douglas. “Too simple,” said Spamcan. “How about David?” joked Donald. “Certainly not,” shuddered Spamcan. Then the three engines tossed idea aroud, until he got one. Soon it was time for Spamcan to leave. “Well, you still didn't have your new name yet,” said Donald. “Och aye,” added Douglas. “so what do we call you until you think of one?” “Perhaps just Tucker,” replied Spamcan. “It's much better than a shameful nickname.” “Okay, Tucker,” said Douglas. “see you back at the Sheds.” “It was surprisingly,” put in Donald. Tucker paused for a moment. “You know what, steamers?” he said. “you're not so bad after all.” The twins smiled and puffed way.

As Tucker left the Harbor, he could help but feel delighted to have settled his differeces with the twins to make two new friends, as for his new name instead of number, well, that's another story.

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