Where's the Steam? is the eighth episode of The Narrow Gauge Engines: The Movie.


Continuing from the previous episode, Skarloey finds himself at the Sodor Steamworks, tied up in chains and suspended above the rails. Sid arrives with the other diesels and explains that narrow gauge steam engines are no longer welcome on the Skarloey Railway, and that narrow gauge diesels will reign supreme. As the diesels leave, Victor arrives with Ruth to free Skarloey, explaining that he was aware of what was going on and knew the diesels would hold them hostage here. Skarloey is worried about the others and tells Victor they need to get the Thin Controller to put a stop to this before it's too late, but Ruth explains that he is still on holiday and that Mr. Wichem is in charge.

Skarloey, Ruth and Victor leave the Steamworks and see that the entire Skarloey Railway is taken over by diesels. Skarloey is confused and asks how engines such as Diesel 10 started working on narrow gauge tracks, and Ruth explains that her new invention, S.M.I.F.T.A.E., was used to allow every diesel on Sodor to become narrow gauge. Just then, Skarloey hears the sound of a diesel horn, and he hides in a shed. However, it is actually Mavis, one of the friendlier diesels on Sodor. Skarloey asks where Sid is keeping the narrow gauge steamies, and Mavis explains that Sid plans on scrapping them at the smelters. Skarloey is both pleased and suprised that a diesel like Mavis would betray Sid, but Mavis insists that, while the Skarloey Railway looks nice, she would prefer work on the North Western Railway.

Skarloey arrives at the smelters, where Frank, Blister I and Blister II are seen guarding the front entrance. Skarloey gets the idea to dress himself up like a scrapped engine to trick the diesels into letting him inside. Frank isn't convinced at first, but the Blister twins let Skarloey in.

Once inside, Skarloey sees all of his steamie friends (and Settebello) attached to special tracks that prevent them from leaving. Ruth is able to deactivate the tracks' locking mechanisms by hacking into the control tower. Soon, all of the engines are freed. With Skarloey leading the way, they charge out of the smelters and derail Frank, Blister I and Blister II. Sid hears of this and sends a cavalry of diesels, consisting of Norman, Sigrid of Arlesdale, and "Not So Rusty", after them.

The steamies barely get away from Norman and Sigrid of Arlesdale, but are stopped by "Not So Rusty". Fortunately, Luke finds and pushes a tanker of orange paint into "Not So Rusty", hoping the paint will revert him back to his former self. However, this does not work, as Rusty is still "Not So Rusty". The engines are confused and "Not So Rusty" explains that Sid was aware of this weakness and chose an "extra special" silver paint to keep him the way he is.

The engines are all worried about what will happen next. "Not So Rusty" laughs evilly as the screen fades to black, ending the episode.


  • This episode's title is a parody of "Where's the beef?", a popular slogan by the Wendy's fast food restaurant chain in the 80's.
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