This is story 6/8 for Branch Line Problems

Duck was coming back to work in two days time. The locomotives on the Little Western were happy and sad because it meant Wilbert would be leaving. On the day of Stepney coming back to work, issues were already happening. Wilbert wasn't feeling well. He needed new water tanks, but whenever it was time for them to be repaired, the inspection would be cancelled. Then he wouldn't feel loved at all on the Dean Forest Railway.

Wilbert: "I think I'm going to burst."

Kevin: "Don't joke Wilbert. Besides, its probably homesickness."

Wilbert: "I'm not homesick. Because no one on that cruddy railway loves me. So go ahead, say that it is homesickness, but it isn't!"

Kevin: "I didn't mean it in a mean or bad way at all."

Wilbert went to go shunt some cars for a change and to also take his mind off the subject. Meanwhile, Kevin felt bad because he had tried to ask a nice question, and since it happened that way, Kevin was quiet and would only speak if he did have a question. Oliver was in the yard as Wilbert finished.

Oliver: "Nice work. Now go to the wash down and get clean for the surprise party to welcoming Stepney back."

Wilbert: "Will do."

When he returned from the wash down, Douglas told him about the plan.

Kevin : "When Stepney comes into the yard, puff out of your hiding place and yell 'Welcome back Stepney!' to him."

As Wilbert was puffing to his hiding place in the yard, there was a strange puffing sound.  it was Kevin on the tracks pulling Troublesome Trucks.  The Troublesome Trucks pushed Kevin off the rails and he fell down

Victor: (crossly)Kevin i told you you couldn't pull Troublesome Trucks because they are too troublesome and your not an engine

Kevin: "sorry boss."

Victor:  now i need you to call Harvey and tell him to clean up this mess!."

Kevin: "Right away boss."

Kevin: (calling Harvey) Harvey i got in an accident  ."

Wilbert: "Wow! what a mess!..."

Kevin: " don't  worry Harvey is on his way to clean it up ."

soon Harvey arrived to clean up the mess.

then Harvey lifted Kevin  back up again not on the track

Kevin:thank you Harvey

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