Yūki Satō (佐藤 佑暉, born 2 October 1970, often credited as Hiroyuki Satō) is a Japanese voice actor who was affiliated with Aoni Production and provided voices in the Japanese version of Thomas and Friends.

He is well known for voicing in various animes, such as Flywheel in "Transformers Headmasters" and Motoki Furuhata in "Sailor Moon", but he is most famous for voicing Tony Frost from "Blue Gender".


  • Donald (Seasons 2 - 7)
  • Douglas (Thomas Comes to Breakfast and Thomas and the Special Letter)
  • 'Arry (Seasons 6 - 8)
  • Troublesome Trucks (Trust Thomas, Mavis, Toby's Tightrope, Special Attraction, Put Upon Percy, A Surprise for Percy, Busy Going Backwards, The World's Strongest Engine, Percy's Chocolate Crunch, Buffer Bother, Edward the Very Useful Engine and Emily's New Route)
  • Harold (Seasons 2 - 8)
  • Thomas' driver (Fergus Breaks the Rules)
  • Edward's driver (Edward, Trevor and the Really Useful Party)
  • James' driver (No Joke for James, Buzz, Buzz, and Thomas, Percy and Old Slowcoach)
  • Percy's driver (Percy, James and the Fruitful Day, Percy's Chocolate Crunch, and Percy's New Whistle)
  • Toby's driver (The Fogman and Toby Had a Little Lamb)
  • Toby's fireman (Time for Trouble)
  • Douglas' driver (Escape)
  • Stepney's driver (Rusty to the Rescue)
  • Skarloey's driver (Home at Last and The Grand Opening)
  • Peter Sam's driver (Special Funnel and Duncan Gets Spooked)
  • Duncan's driver (Home at Last, Passengers and Polish, and The Runaway Elephant)
  • Rusty's driver (Special Funnel, Rusty to the Rescue and Trusty Rusty)
  • The Fisherman
  • The Lighthouse Keeper (seventh series only)
  • Workmen (Special Attraction)
  • Signalmen (Busy Going Backwards and Gordon Takes a Tumble)
  • The Wellsworth Stationmaster (Gordon and Spencer)
  • Some Passengers (Best Dressed Engine)
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