"I'd like to introduce you to my good friend Yong Bao, from China! Yong Bao is a large tender engine, and the pride of the Chinese Railway. There are many steam engines in China, but none are as beautiful and majestic as Yong Bao. Yong Bao competed in the Best Decorated Engine competition at the Great Railway Show. He's especially known for the golden tiger painted on his tender. Yong Bao is really brave but he's also a very wise engine. He has taught me so much about China, and what it's like working on the railway. I can't wait to see what else my good friend Yong Bao has to teach me about China!" - Thomas talks about Yong Bao in Meet the Characters!

Yong Bao is a tender engine from China.

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  • Yong Bao is the first character to appear in all Chinese episodes. The second would be Gina.
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